Photo credit: Melissa Robin

Photo credit: Melissa Robin


I love to create…

Art, writing, acting, photography, design, cooking—throughout my life, these have all been forms of creative expression for me in one way or another. Through culinary creation, I have found a sort of nexus where many of these passions converge, a crossover point that not only allows me to indulge several at once, but to create something that is literally consumable, something that literally feeds and brings happiness to others. I feel so grateful and humbled that I get to do this.

I’m Britt LoSacco, the woman behind this one-woman operation. I’m a self-taught chef, culinary artist, what-have-you. I love to create beautiful, flavorful, interesting food. Everything I make is gluten-free because I am (but I promise this is never to its detriment) and vegan because I feel passionately that pleasure or convenience should never come at the avoidable expense of others’ lives and the wellbeing of our planet.

I currently do pop-up dinners, private events, and am in the process of expanding my bakeshop offerings, which includes wholesale. I also occasionally make use of my acting degree and perform cooking demos at various fests and expos across the country. Every time I leave the stage, I declare that it’s my favorite thing to do.

Though I do not have a coaching practice, I am also an MSVA-certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator (VLCE), and was, along with several of my fellow coaches, a contributor to the Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook.

I am a New Yorker of 15 years and presently live in Brooklyn with my husband, son, and our little dog Nilla.